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Accounting & Finance

The U.S. expects to add nearly half a million finance and accounting-related jobs by 2029, but the competition for these job types will remain fierce. Pro tip: In this competitive field, having specialized credentials, such as the CFA or SIE, on your resume demonstrates your knowledge and commitment to the field.

Accounting & Finance Resume Examples
Accounting Assistant
Accounting Clerk
Accounts Payable Specialist
Accounts Receivable
Certified Public Accountant
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Entry-Level Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst
Finance Manager
Loan Officer
Personal Financial Advisor
Senior Accounting Manager
Staff Accountant

Arts & Design

While certain positions within this field are projected to decline, there’s still demand for artists who can create animations, visual effects, and graphics for media and websites. Pro tip: Creating a high-quality online portfolio to showcase your work is a must in today’s job market.

Arts & Design Resume Examples
Graphic Designer
Interior Design
User Experience (UX) Designer
Video Editor


From HR to budget analysis, the business field encompasses multiple career paths, many of which are projected to experience faster than average growth through 2029. Pro tip: Business occupations require interpersonal interaction — be sure to highlight soft skills like verbal and written communication, problem-solving, and decision-making in your resume.

Business Resume Examples
Business Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Owner
Corporate Trainer
Data Analyst
Data Entry
Event Coordinator
Event Planner
Project Coordinator
Public Relations

Career Changes & Life Situations

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-parent rejoining the workforce or a military serviceperson re-entering civilian life, being in a transitional career phase can feel daunting, but there’s always time to switch gears. Pro tip: Feature transferable skills on your resume, including soft skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Career Changes & Life Situations Resume Examples
Military to Civilian
Stay-at-Home Mom


Jobs in childcare are expected to grow modestly over the next two years by 2%. Most of the openings projected each year are expected to replace workers who leave the occupation. Pro tip: Showcase any certifications, especially CPR and first aid, on your resume.

Childcare Resume Examples
Camp Counselor
Child Care

Computer Sciences & Information Technology

Jobs in computer science are expected to increase by 11% by 2029, but that doesn’t mean the competition for the most sought-after companies won’t be fierce. Pro tip: Your degrees, certifications, bootcamps, etc. should be front and center on your resume.

Computer Sciences & Information Technology Resume Examples
Computer Scientist
Data Scientist
DevOps Engineer
Entry-Level Information Technology
Entry-Level Software Engineer
Front-End Developer
Full Stack Developer
Information Technology (IT)
IT Project Manager
IT Specialist
Java Developer
Network Administrator
Network Engineer
Quality Assurance (QA)
Salesforce Developer
Senior Software Developer
Senior Software Engineer
Software Developer
Software Engineer
System Administrator
Web Developer

Construction & Maintenance

The construction and maintenance industries are expected to add nearly 470,000 jobs by 2029. Pro tip: Most employees in these fields learn through on-the-job training. Highlight the skills you acquired from previous positions and references who can vouch for your abilities.

Construction & Maintenance Resume Examples
Apprentice Electrician Assistant
Automotive Technician
Commercial Construction Superintendent
Construction Manager
Construction Project Manager
Construction Worker
General Laborer
General Maintenance Worker
HVAC Technician
Janitor (Entry-Level)
Landscape Workers
Machine Operator
Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Technician

Customer Service & Retail

As online shopping and automated customer assistance becomes more prevalent, retail and customer service jobs are expected to decline by about 2% by 2029. A well-rounded resume is crucial to stand out in this competitive field. Pro tip: Emphasize experience with technologies and software, as well as accolades like sales or customer service awards.

Customer Service & Retail Resume Examples
Assistant Store Manager
Bank Teller
Call Center Representative
Customer Service Representative
Flight Attendant
Grocery Store Cashier
Retail Manager
Retail Sales Associate
Sales Associate
Senior Sales Associate


Jobs in education are expected to grow over the next eight years, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be competition. Pro tip: Highlight your teaching certifications and credentials on your resume — especially if you’re a secondary and postsecondary teacher with a specialty.

Education Resume Examples
Elementary School Teacher
First-Year Teacher
High School Teacher
Library Page
Preschool Teacher
Research Assistant
School Counselor
Special Education Teacher
Substitute Teacher
Teacher’s Assistant (TA)

Engineering & Science

With the anticipated increase in infrastructure, renewable energy, and robotics, engineering jobs are expected to increase over the next eight years. But that doesn’t mean you won’t face stiff competition. Pro tip: Feature all of the engineering certifications you’ve earned from your state-level professional board.

Engineering Resume Examples
Civil Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer

Entertainment & Sports

As the public demands more entertainment from television and sports, employment in these fields is projected to grow by 7%, although hiring will remain competitive. Pro tip: Since many of these fields don’t require formal education, be sure your resume highlights any hands-on experience and informal training you have.

Entertainment & Sports Resume Examples
Production Assistant

Health & Wellness

The healthcare sector is rapidly growing with a projected growth of 12% for registered nurses alone by 2028. But expected growth doesn’t equal a job, so a strong resume is a must. Pro tip: In addition to your education, feature the tools, software, and technologies that you’re familiar with.

Health & Wellness Resume Examples
Certified Home Health Aide
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Certified Nursing Assistant (No Experience)
Companion Caregiver
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Dietary Aide
Emergency Room (ER) Nurse
Lab Technician
Labor and Delivery Nurse
Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
Healthcare and Support
Medical Assistant
Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
Medical Doctor
Medical Receptionist
Medical Scribe
Medical Surgical Nurse
Nurse (Entry-Level)
Nurse Practitioner
Nursing Assistant
Nursing Student
Patient Care Technician
Pharmacy Technician
Personal Trainer
Registered Nurse
Speech-Language Pathologist
Veterinary Technician


The steady demand for legal assistance is expected to drive faster-than-average job growth for legal professionals like paralegals and lawyers. Pro tip: Besides highlighting your legal training, make sure your resume emphasizes important soft skills like verbal and written communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Law Resume Examples
Law School Application
Legal Assistant


Jobs in management and leadership are expected to grow 7% by 2028 across a wide range of industries. Earning potential for these roles often depends on experience and key skills, so a resume that features those prominently is crucial. Pro tip: Make sure to quantify your management experience to show the extent of your background.

Management Resume Examples
Assistant Manager
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Customer Success Manager
General Manager
Inventory Manager
Management Consultant
Operations Manager
Product Manager
Product Owner
Program Manager
Project Manager
Property Manager
Scrum Master
Senior Project Manager
Store Manager

Office & Administration

Positions for office workers are expected to rise or decline depending on the role — for example, office manager jobs are expected to see a 7% increase, while jobs for administrative assistants are expected to decline. Pro tip: Feature important soft skills like effective communication and problem solving in addition to the software programs you’re familiar with.

Office & Administration Resume Examples
Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Front Desk Medical Receptionist
Front Desk Receptionist
Human Resources (HR)
Human Resources (HR) Assistant
Office Administrator
Office Assistant
Office Manager
Personal Assistant
Staff Training Assistant
Staffing Recruiter
Virtual Assistant

Public Safety & Community Wellbeing

Public safety jobs will experience a projected increase of 95,200 by 2029. Because job availability varies by location, a strong resume is critical. Pro tip: Don’t forget to showcase soft skills on your resume, including foreign languages spoken, communication, leadership, and decision-making.

Public Safety & Community Wellbeing Resume Examples
Case Manager
Community Service Worker
Correctional Officer
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Human Service Worker
Law Enforcement
Police Officer
Security Guard
Security Officer
Social Worker

Restaurant & Hospitality

An increasing demand for dining services, lodging, and events will drive job growth for occupations like bartenders, servers, and front desk staff. Pro tip: The service and hospitality industries are all about providing a great customer experience — highlight any skills and experience that showcase your ability to do just that.

Restaurant & Hospitality Resume Examples
Fast Food Worker
Food Service
Hospitality Hotel
Hospitality Hotel Front Desk
Host & Hostess
Line Cook
Prep Cook
Restaurant Manager

Sales & Marketing

The roles and responsibilities of sales and marketing professionals vary by industry, and digitization is significantly impacting job requirements and growth potential, making a strong resume critical to entering and advancing in these fields. Pro tip: Sales and marketing are all about outcomes, so your resume should highlight quantifiable achievements.

Sales & Marketing Resume Examples
Account Manager
Car Salesman
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Specialist
Marketing Director
Medical Sales Representative (Entry-Level)
Inside Sales Rep
Insurance Sales
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Manager
Medical Sales
Proofreader Editor
Real Estate Agent
Sales Account Executive
Sales Director
Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Senior Account Manager
Social Media
Social Media Manager
Technical Writer

Salon & Spa

Growth for personal care service occupations like hair stylists and massage therapists is expected to be strong through 2029, although the exact growth rate will vary, making a strong resume essential. Pro tip: Special skills make you more valuable to an employer, so make sure your resume highlights specific abilities and industry knowledge.

Salon & Spa Resume Examples
Hair Salon Receptionist
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Massage Therapist

Students & Recent Graduates

As a student, landing a job or an internship with little to no experience can be challenging. The good news is that most of your competition is in the same boat. Pro tip: Play up any pertinent volunteer experience from organizations or clubs, student government, and coursework if applicable.

Students & Recent Graduates Resume Examples
College Student
Graduate School
High School Student
Ph.D. Resume Examples for Industry and Non-Academic Jobs

Transportation & Logistics

The continued growth of e-commerce and increasing globalization will lead to a 3% increase in transportation and logistics jobs, including delivery drivers and warehouse workers, through 2029. Pro tip: While these jobs may not require a formal degree, training and certifications are often a prerequisite for employment, so make sure your resume reflects your experience.

Transportation & Logistics Resume Examples
Company Driver
Delivery Driver
Forklift Operator
Inventory Control Clerk
Logistics Specialist
Supply Chain Analyst
Supply Chain Manager
Truck Driver
Uber Driver
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Worker

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